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Beading Instructions For Sale

All of my beading instructions are now available in my Etsy store:

Visit Amy Katz's Etsy Store for Instructions and Kits

En Vogue Necklace
"En Vogue" Necklace
Heart's Desire Bracelet
"Heart's Desire" Bracelet
Icing Bracelet
"Icing" Bracelet
Athena's Muse Necklace
"Athena's Muse" Necklace
Bodacious Bangle Trio
"Bodacious Bangle Trio"
Coral Reef Necklace
"Coral Reef" Necklace
Mosaics Necklace
"Mosaics" Necklace
Party Girl Necklace
"Party Girl" Necklace
Slide Baby Slide Bracelet
"Slide Baby Slide" Bracelet
Elena's Necklace
"Elena's" Necklace
Oddyssey Bracelet
"Oddyssey" Bracelet
Sparklin' Spikes Necklace
"Sparklin' Spikes" Necklace
Cordially Yours Bracelet
"Cordially Yours" Bracelet
My Bead ID Necklace
"My Bead ID" Necklace
Pearl's Wish Bracelet
"Pearl's Wish" Bracelet
Victorian Serenade Necklace
"Victorian Serenade" Necklace
Wonder Wheel Necklace
"Wonder Wheel" Necklace
Boutique Bracelet
"Boutique" Bracelet
Bottle Cap Bling Bracelet
"Bottle Cap Bling" Bracelet
Tennis with a Twist Bracelet
"Tennis with a Twist" Bracelet
Ooh La Links Bracelet
"Ooh La Links" Bracelet
Pearl Pizzazz Ring
"Pearl Pizzazz" Ring
Geometrixs Bracelet
"Geometrixs" Bracelet
Fire & Ice Ring
"Fire & Ice Ring" Ring
Serpentine Twist Necklace
"Serpentine Twist" Necklace
Catch the Wave Necklace
"Catch the Wave" Necklace
Moonlight Serenade Earrings
"Moonlight Serenade" Earrings
Beading Kits, Make Your Own Beaded Jewelry

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